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Is Being Obsessed With Beauty Vain and Pointless?

Is Being Obsessed With Beauty Vain and Pointless?

by Larry Miller

Am I Vain Because I’m Obsessed With Beauty?

If you are reading this you probably love beauty products and fashion like I do but I admit I may carry it to the point of obsession at times. Many times people who have this drive to make themselves pretty are considered vain, conceded or overly self involved. Believe me, there are plenty of people that are vain that are not into fashion and beauty!

So what drives us to this passion for fashion if it isn’t vanity? For me personally it is an art form. I love the unique, different and sometimes bizarre because it fuels creative passion inside. I see something beautiful in every woman I come in contact with. I don’t mean “internal beauty” B. S. Lets just face it that is a load of crap. There are “beautiful” and “ugly” people who are horrible human beings and the other way around. I’m talking about actual physical appearance. First impressions only. So many women don’t see their actual physical attributes for many reasons. They may have the most beautiful personality on the inside but they take a look in the mirror and see nothing they find attractive about themselves. The blow to their self esteem can impact who they are inside and how they react to others.

If you know someone or see someone who looks a little low on the self esteem department finding something attractive about that person and letting them know can make their day and possibly change their outlook on themselves.

My absolutely favorite thing to see is a 90 year old lady who’s looks have long gone walking down the street in her bright red lipstick and matching red orthopedic pumps. You know when she was getting ready to go out she felt pretty and young. After all its really about how you feel about yourself.

Don’t compare yourself to 90lb super models who are barely 18 years old. Look at what you find attractive in other women in your same age and size range. What are they wearing or doing with their makeup or hair that you like? Treat yourself to a new lip gloss in a similar shade, a trip to the salon for a new do, or a cute shirt in a style you’ve seen that you like.

Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and say yanno what I like my lips or eyes. Or god forbid… I have nice boobs! We all tend to see the worst in ourselves and focus on hiding those parts instead of enhancing the parts we like. It isn’t vanity, its self love and awareness. When you exude confidence and feel attractive others will see you that way too.

Treat yourself like the princess you are and demand others to treat you the same as you treat yourself. This doesn’t mean you need to be a glam queen and wear glitter and a tiara! (although that would be a nice touch) You just need to celebrate your beauty every once in a while. Enjoy being a woman! We have enough crap to deal with in the PMS department we all deserve a little vanity and self love from time to time. And if you already a diva, ROCK ON!! Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for it. Be a good person and make others around you feel good too and you got the total package.

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