By Joanie Whitman

The authors of The Reflux Diet Cookbook, Dr. Jamie Koufman and Dr. Jordan Stern, tested 30 varieties of prepared baby food for added acids using pH measurements.  Shockingly, they found that many had a pH of 4 and under.   The doctors released their findings on three major brands (some were even organic): jarred baby food

  • Gerber
  • Beech Nut
  • Earth’s Best

All 30 varieties tested contained some form of acid used as a preservative to lengthen the shelf-life of products – even the organic brands.  The authors explained that babies should generally be fed foods with a pH of greater than 5 and that more acidic food should not be included in the diet on a regular basis because it increases susceptibility to infant acid reflux.  They also pointed out that many foods are already highly acidic, so adding even more acid worsens the problem.

Inhabitots posted some helpful in-depth information on the inherent troubles with many prepared baby food:

It’s no secret that jarred baby food, even the organic variety, is far from perfect. In recent years, it has been discovered that a majority of jarred baby food, (including baby food from many top-notch organic brands), contains extra trans fat, sugar and sodium your baby doesn’t need — not to mention the BPA found in the metal lids of glass jars of baby food.

Added acid like citric acid, ascorbic acid and even folic acid can increase the acidity in your baby’s diet and thus may result in increased incidents of baby reflux. Yikes!

baby foodCould this be the cause of increased rates of acid reflux in babies? I’m sure it plays a part.  Just imagine how many babies are suffering from reflux and are given medications to control it when the simple solution might be some homemade food? Healthy baby food can be made at home without preservatives and allow you to rest easy by knowing exactly what it contains.

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>> CLICK here for a printable PDF listing of the results of all the baby foods tested

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